Certificate Course in Nanny Care

  • Duration: Six Months

The programme for nanny training prepares learners to take up the profession of caregiver. Here are some highlights of the curriculum for our course.

• Basics and essentials of child care
• Bathing and dressing
• Meal planning and nutrition
• CPR and First-Aid training
• Familiarizing with common child problems
• Handling common child healthcare issues
• Coordinating with the healthcare team
• Safety issues for children
• Understanding child psychology
• Play and learning in the early age
• Training for communication

A professional nanny provides complete childcare in a family setting. They specialize in child care and taking care of health.

Course Duration : 6 Months

Subject List

Sr. No. Subject Name Type
6 Months Duration
1 Child Care/Elder Care/Disabled Care Theory
2 Home Management And Meal Preparation Theory
3 Hygiene Health & Safety Hazards Theory
4 Basic Resuies (CPR) & Standard First AID Theory
5 Communication Skills, Personality Development Theory
6 Kitchen Handling & Life Skills, Nutrition Theory
7 History & Culture Canada Theory
8 Practical Training (Play School/Hospital/Driving) Theory+Practical

Studuent, Learners

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